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Going Beyond Traditional

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Our Vision

Diamonds, Redefined.

Committed to fairer pricing for jewelry, reduced carbon emissions for future generations, and higher quality stones, our Ice Dazzle family is changing norms within the diamond industry. 

Our Story

We started by partnering with a world-renowned diamond facility, adopting innovative processes to perfectly replicate how the earth naturally creates diamonds. In turn, our lab diamonds look exactly like their natural counterparts on a molecular level. 

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Our Commitment

At our core, we are as transparent as our Moissanite and Lab Diamond lines, crafting head-turning jewelry to make every proposal, anniversary, birthday, or special occasion count.

Our collection is the perfect balance between cutting-edge design and timelessness, leaving a flawless finish, every time. For stunning stones that shine for a lifetime, Ice Dazzle is the trusted name to know. Explore our collection to see for yourself. 

Affordability without Compromise

As mined diamond prices continue to rise astronomically, we offer affordable affluence that’s free from artificially inflated prices. In turn, we put the control back in our patrons’ hands. 

Optical Excellence

There is no distinction between our lab diamonds and those found deep within the earth. On a molecular level, Ice Dazzle embodies the 4 Cs of diamonds with the highest possible quality.

Redefining the Status Quo

With a multi-generational hold, corporate conglomerates using mines with a history of cruelty continue to drive the diamond industry. We are committed to changing these outdated norms.

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