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Beyond Brilliant

Timeless jewelry for modern elegance.

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Elevate Your Engagement

Crafted with intention at heart

Our stunning selection of Engagement Rings feature our Lab Diamonds with hand-set excellence, every time.

Shop by Style

Exquisite rings for every bride-to-be

Signify Your Commitment

Let Your Love Shine

Discover the timeless symbol of forever in our Signature Wedding Bands.

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Ready to Dazzle?


While our Moissanite line sets a new standard for shine, our Lab Diamond line mirrors the optical and molecular properties of mined diamonds through our world-renowned process.

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VVX™ Lab Diamond

Engineering Brilliance

Our world-class lab diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds on a molecular level.

UltraLux Moissanite™

Brilliance Reimagined

The World’s Most Brilliant Gemstone. Engineered to surpass the fire and sparkle of a diamond.

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